InSituStreTech Team

expertise in geo-energy and micro-engineering to tackle unsolved geo-energy problems with cutting-edge technologies
Alex Horvath
Scientific assistant, M.Sc., EPFL
 -  M.Sc. Microengineering, EPFL
  - Co-founder of the CleanMotion Startup in 2019  
Angelica Tuttolomondo
Geotechnical Engineer,  Ph.D., Gruner SA
 -  Geotechnical design engineer for      underground construction – Gruner SA 
-  Ph.D. in Geomechanics at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, EPFL  
Lyesse Laloui
Full Professor, EPFL
-  Director of the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, EPFL
-  Full member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences 
-  Founding partner of startups and companies: Geoeg, Nesol, MeduSoil,  Enerdrape