In-Situ Stress estimation Technology for Geo-energy applications

The InSituStreTech project is developing an innovative technology suitable for in-situ stress estimation for a wide range of geo-energy sectors, including - but not limited to - CO2 geological storage, nuclear waste storage, geothermal power plants, and geological hydrogen storage

The proposed technology has a theoretical basis; it will use ad-hoc measurement tools, measurement protocols, and data analysis tools. It addresses the limitations inherent in existing in-situ stress estimation methodologies and aims to set a new standard in the industry.

InSituStreTech aims to be environmentally sustainable (from production to end-of-life, with particular emphasis on the chosen materials and the reusability of the tools). 

InSituStreTech potential customers include:
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project Developers: Organizations involved in designing, implementing, and monitoring CCS projects will find value in our technology. By accurately measuring in-situ stress, we enhance the efficiency and safety of CO2 geological storage, aiding project success.
  • Nuclear Waste Storage Facilities: Entities responsible for the design and management of nuclear waste storage sites will benefit from our technology's ability to assess in-situ stress states. This crucial information aids in making informed decisions regarding the safe and long-term containment of hazardous materials.
  • Geothermal Power Plant Developers: Developers of geothermal power plants can leverage our technology to gain insights into in-situ stress distributions. This knowledge enables better reservoir management, ensuring optimal utilization of the Earth's natural heat for sustainable energy generation.
  • Geological Hydrogen Storage Projects: Organizations involved in geological hydrogen storage projects will find our technology instrumental in accurately characterizing in-situ stress states. This data is critical for efficient and secure long-term storage of hydrogen, an essential element of renewable energy systems.
  • Research Institutions and Academia: Academic institutions and research organizations focusing on geo-energy applications can benefit from our technology for scientific investigations and advancing the understanding of in-situ stress behavior in various geological formations.
  • Engineering and Consulting Firms: Engineering firms and consulting companies specializing in geo-energy projects can incorporate our technology into their services. This provides them with a competitive edge by offering accurate in-situ stress measurements for improved project design, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies.
  • Regulatory Authorities and Environmental Agencies: Regulatory bodies responsible for overseeing geo-energy projects, as well as environmental agencies concerned with sustainability and safety, can utilize our technology to assess compliance and ensure the protection of the environment and public well-being.
  • Energy and Utility Companies: Energy and utility companies seeking innovative solutions for their geo-energy initiatives can partner with us to benefit from our technology's accurate in-situ stress measurements, optimizing project performance and long-term viability.

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InSituStreTech: cutting-edge technology for in-situ stress determination for Geoenergy projects 

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